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Fri, Jun. 4th, 2010, 02:41 am
Don't make me come to Vegas, don't make me pull him out of your head

So now it's June.... Not quite sure when that happened. Where did the first year of University go? It doesn't seem five minutes since I moved in, and now I'm getting ready to leave and go home.
At the moment I'm doing exams and trying to motivate myself to do some kind of revision. I've had Religious Studies so far, and that seemed to go well as far as I could tell. My timing was spot on though, so I'm clearly not out of practice in doing exams like I thought I would be. I have Politics on Saturday (what kind of sick person puts an exam on a Saturday?),so I'm trying to cram a years worth of work into my head at the moment. I can't say it's going very well. The theory and practice of Liberal Democracy is as dull as it sounds. The only interesting thing is the practice of international relations, and that's only because it's all about how the US messed around with Latin America.
Then I have History on the 8th, which is what? Tuesday? At 9.30. 9.30 in the morning. I'll have to get up at around 7 o'clock so I'm awake enough for the actual exam to think straight.

I think it's going to be very strange coming home for such a long period of time, and knowing that when I go back it will be second year. Thankfully I got all of the History modules that I wanted; quite a few things about 20th Century Germany, one about genocide, in search of the underclass: 1970s onwards, the third reich in film, one about the collapse of the empire in India and...I can't remember any others, but it should be a really exciting year. I'm doing all modules that interest me, so I'm looking forward to it.

Keisha, Jess and I went for an interview today to be kitchen reps net year. I hope we get it. It would be awesome to be a rep, and not just because you get a free t-shirt. The interview seemed to go well, I'm just not sure how many people applied, and how many people they need. But if we get it, it means I'll have a week of looking after a load of new people and trying to make sure they don't get too drunk and/or lost. The art of not getting too drunk is something I need to master. I think it's mainly because the last few times I've been out I haven't really eaten during the day, but nevertheless, waking up in bed and not being entirely sure what happened the night before, or how you got home is not something I enjoy. Luckily last time I went out (went to the Carleton, a club in Morecombe that you either love or hate, that serves a drink called a 'Stiffen': 4 vodkas and red bull in a glow in the dark glass...kick ass), Cameron came round the morning after, made me breakfast and generally looked after me. :)

Anyway, I should get to bed. Up at 9 again tomorrow to try and learn something about Politics that will ensure I get the 40% pass rate. Very *very* glad that I've dropped it and I don't have to endure it next year.
Hope you're all well xxx

Thu, Mar. 4th, 2010, 10:04 pm

...Well, a bit of power.

I am now a committee member of the Universitys History Society. People voted for me! :D

Sat, Oct. 25th, 2008, 03:16 pm
I'm Spreading The News..

Right, what can I tell you, all you lovely people out there...

 I am still loving working at Burntwood. It's very good (not to mention that the pay makes my bank account look fantastically attractive- I will have enough to do Europe for 3 months (hooray!), and also put some away for Lancaster. It's all good and fabulous. I earn more than I expected, and probably more then I will when I finally get my degree from University and have my first job. But hey, I know I'm never going to have much money- I want to work with people to improve lives, and no one ever gets paid well for caring *rolls eyes*.)

 Anyway, I know I'm finally a proper member of the Office since Janet told me to move my 'fat arse' on Friday, when I was on the phone to David. Lovely. Feel very at home in that Office with Janet and Cath and Izzi, and of course the occasional visit or phonecall from Howard does improve my day. It's also very nice to have Carly and Shona around. But don't tell them that. I don't want them to think I like them or anything!

 Did the Open Evening on Tuesday ('Oh yes, Burntwood's a *fabulous* 6th Form etc etc') so I saw Ara, spoke to parents, and then went out to eat NudeElves afterwards with Carlos, so all in all it was a good evening. Thursday I found myself serving refreshments at 'Burntwood's Got Talent' with Carly, which had the advantage of getting to see the performance for free (they were all very good) and getting to take the open bottle of red wine home with me- felt like such a yob, walking up Burntwood Hill with Carly, holding an open of bottle of red wine in one hand and a glass of it in the other. But you know, it was all good fun, even if I did have to hear about how 'Ann is making an Apple Strudel' about 4 times!

 All in all, life is good. Half term at the moment. Going into work on Monday morning, because I want and need, to send out a memo to the people doing their medicine exams on November 5th, just so they know over half term and can prepare and do whatever they need to do. (Love being the Exams Officer- such power! Ha ha!) Off to visit Lancaster on Tuesday and Wednesday- exploring the city on the Tuesday, and possible the Lakes or Blackpool depending on the weather, and then Campus tour on Weds. Mucho looking forward to returning to it again *grins*. Found out Mr Farish's sister rents houses to students in Lancaster, so I may possible have a connection there for my second year! Though if I remember, I will have to ask him for details etc etc, before I leave.

 Right, I'm off. Going to watch 'Burn After Reading' with Ara and others now in Clapham Picture House. Mother is back form Holiday, so that is nice as well.
 Marvelous. Love to all.

Sun, Oct. 5th, 2008, 02:41 pm

 My computer seems to have officially given up on life, so I'm using the library internet at the moment, which is fine and also the school internet, which is not so good because of all the blocks they have. But um... that's that.

 Work is fine- Howard is lovely, and the work is easy, if not boring.


 Hope everyone else is good.

Mon, Aug. 11th, 2008, 07:52 pm
The End

 I finally left my two year job at 'As nature Intended' yesterday. It feels very odd, more then anything. It had just become part of my routine.
 They gave me a present and a card, which was unexpected but incredibly nice, and they said 'a few words'. Then (boy) Alex bought me lunch. I decided to have it in the shop, so when i was paying he whipped out his credit card and told me to use that instead. It was like something out of a film... Except not really. I'm going to miss my Sunday people, I think. 
 Probably good that I'm leaving though. Not just because of the 'fresh start/gap year/ bored shitless/ basically accused of stealing a few weeks ago by my bitch of a supervisor' thing, but because (boy) Alex has become a bit too... friendly. I haven't pushed him away and shrieked sexual harasment, because.. it's not too bad. Ok, he went a bit too far this Sunday when he was saying goodbye to me and we were waiting for them to cash up in the Office, (it wasn't *just* his hands that I could feel this time) but aside from that. *shrugs*

 Anyway. I had a phone call from Fortnum and Mason this afternoon (I applied to be a Christmas Temp with them), saying there was an assessment tomorrow and I could start on Monday. Except this was to my voicemail, not to me. And I can't start on Monday, because I'm in Norfolk. So I tried to call back and the phone number she gave me is dead. It doesn't ring at all. So I'm going to try tomorrow morning. Early.

Right, I'm going off for a bath. My Mother is being a bitch at the moment, I'm not entirely sure what I've done wrong, but oh well and fuck that.

Fri, May. 30th, 2008, 02:10 pm
Vanilla Sponge

Visions of us drowning
Dancing the tango naked.
Dew flesh on flesh,
Tables and chairs can't be swallowed.
Tangled weeds and killer bees
Onions turn to flowers.
The sponge of my brain
It's hard to tame. 

Dead parrots bite my toes, 
Coffee cups with froth.
It ain't such a bad thing.
Mint and chili shouldn't touch. 
Who would buy it?

Black and white photographs of your dead dog.
Should have been to Orlando.
Cards of the joker,
Ace of clubs orgy. 
Strawberry lace underwear,
Licking my cherry crumble.
Kicking Freud and Dante. 

O German Mother, you've lost a leg
And Jim's half gone with cold. 
Have I not reason to lament, 
Living in a tent,
The mess against the shattered tree,
Where Hodge will forever be?

It's not whale blood
Or blueberry straws,
It's glasses with bottle caps
And tongues with rouge.
Cracking walnuts between thighs. 
Dancing the tango naked.

Mon, Nov. 26th, 2007, 07:22 pm
Oh Cruel Fate, Why Do You Mock Me??

 Becoming obsessive about UCAS. 
 Lancaster delivered an offer on the 19th, thereby giving me my 4th offer in the space of about 2 weeks. I am.. not as smug as I should be. 
 A, B, B to get in. Though they did send me a really nice letter, telling me I had a place and all, how I would really suit a place there and that they hoped my Gap Year was enjoyable. Then it went up on UCAS. 
 Liverpool still haven't put their's up, but I'm reckoning it will go up at the end of the month along with the numerous other people who have had offers. 
Now I am just waiting for Edinburgh. I'm banking on a rejection, because the whole 'deferred entry' thing really counts against me there (3 people to do my course last year, who were deferring. 3!!), but you know, who knows? I was planning for UCAS extra, or applying next year. *shrugs* I was prepared for 5 rejections. 
 Only thing I can *really* get my teeth into to angst about now is: Where do I go???

 Anyway, on now with the Comparative Essay.....

Sat, Nov. 17th, 2007, 04:34 pm
Super Super Super

 I've had an offer from Liverpool!!!

 A, B, B. 

 Very Happy. Got the letter Friday morning. 

 Best INSET day ever.

Thu, Sep. 27th, 2007, 06:54 pm
Apply and Enjoy

 Our TV is totally broken. It just *broke*. 
I was watching the news about the situation in Burma with the protesters and all of that, and then it just went off, with this massive cracking noise!

 So, that is quite sad. But it does mean that I can do Ms Wilkinshaws homework, and possibly re-read some psych notes which I don't quite understand yet, because it's all horrible and sciency. 

 Anyway- it's cold, but I clipped my hair up today and that looked quite nice, and then I had Mr Gibbs for a cover lesson which was also nice, and *then* I managed to get a recycling bin installed in my Psych classroom.

 Pretty good day. I am being positive. But it wasn't too bad. 


Fri, Sep. 21st, 2007, 11:44 pm
If I could be anything I want to, I would be you


 Good times. Good evening yesterday. Good day today. Hopefully, good day tomorow.

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