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Mon, Aug. 20th, 2007, 11:20 pm
Belated Birthdays

 Ahh, belated birthday wishes to my journal who was 3 on the 4th August and to my short hair, which has made my life a lot better, easier and slightly more attractive thing to be in which was bought into creation on the 3rd. So, happy birthday to journal and hair. And anybody else who happens to be having a birthday and hasn't mentioned it to me. 

I was trying to find a nice annoyingly long questionnaire thing to put in here to celebrate, but I can't seem to find one... Never mind. 

What place would you visit if money were no object?: New Zealand

What one person could you meet in the world – alive or dead?: Dali. Just because I think he'd be completly awsome.

If you could go back to a certain year in time, what year would you choose?: I don't know... Hmm. Lemme think about that one.

What immorality do you think is overrated?: Don't know. Can't think of any right now.

Worst habit?: Biting my nails

One thing you could change about yourself?: Be more decisive. Is that even how you spell it?

Best memory from childhood?: Dancing about with Tess in her garden and eating candy apples that her mother had just made.

It's the last day on earth, what do you do?: Run about going 'oh shit, there's still so much I want to do!!' and then probably try and get off with people I like, then come home and spend time avec ma mere.

Death Penalty? For or against?: Against.

Guilty pleasure food?: Cheeeeese. Mmm, roule cheese...

If you could have any job, what would it be?: Heiress. Nah, maybe not. Documentary maker, then I could travel and yet still expose stuff thereby making a difference. 

Do you believe in heaven and hell?: I believe that there's some kind of afterlife, but whether it's heaven or hell, I don't know...
A & W or Barqs?: Huh?

Weirdest thing ever eaten?: Sausages, considering I'm a veggie since birth...

What was your curfew growing up?: Don't remember having one...

Do you think your parents were too strict growing up?: No, not really. 

How many friends do you have that you talk to at least once a year?: Several.

Name your 5 movies your bring on an island with you: Is there a machine to play them on? If yes then: Shawshank redemption, RHPS, The Producers, Silence of the lambs and then one that would change...

Worst fashion in your closet?: Hmm, probably most of it.

Best feeling?: Contentedness

How many languages do you speak?: English. 

What's your family like?: Ok. Not much to it...

Do you read much?: Whenever I can.

What was the last compliment you received?: Mei told me all my features worked together or something...

Are you rude?: When I need to be

Do you hold grudges?: Can do. And do sometimes...

Do you smile a lot?: If I'm in a good mood

Do you cry a lot?: When I'm hormonal.

What is one thing that annoys you?: People who don't actually *do* anything

What is one quality that you really appreciate in a person?: Honesty

Who is your oldest friend?: Do you mean, by their age, or how long I've known them?

How long have you known them?: -
Do you like to Kiss?: Some people...

Are you a good Kisser?: I think I'm fairly decent. Wouldn't say I was crap.

Do you sleep naked?: Sometimes, if I'm hot.

What do you wear to bed?: Big t-shirts and pj trousers

Whats your wallpaper on your cellphone?: Blue sky with a strip of cloud down the middle that I took before I went into work one morning. 

Favorite alcoholic drink?: I'm crap, so I'm not answering...

Favorite flower?: Those big poofy ones that I can't remember the names of...

If you could buy 5 of the things on your wishlist, what would they be?:  That £60 photo album from john lewis, some new jeans, more of a loft extension, driving lessons and plane tickets

An object you can't live without:: A bed

Whats your favourite literary character?: This man in one of the Ben Elton books, can't remember his name

Whats your favorite food?: Cake :)

What is your favorite restaurant & where is it?: I don't think I have one... Apart from the sushi place near Mei's house

Whats your favorite class in school?: ... History?

Whos your favorite sports player?: .....

What's your favorite commercial?:The one with the paint exploding everywhere! I think it's one for a TV or something, but the building errupts with paint to classical music...

What's your favorite store?: Don;t really have one..

What name brand do you wear the most?: ....

What's the most expensive thing you own?: Probably something really stupid

How many handbags do you own?: None. I own *bags*

How many pairs of shoes do you own?: A few

What shoes did you wear today?: Red baseball boots

Your first crush?: Don't remember. Might have been on a guy called Charlie

Are you a member of the mile high club?: No.

Could you live without sex?: Sure. Why not?

Would you pretend to be someone's bf/gf?: Yah, twod be amusing

Did you ever tell someone you loved them and didn't really mean it?: Might have, but don't think so. I don't usually say stuf unless I mean it

What’s the longest you’ve ever been single?: Who knows?

What has been the longest that you went with out sex?: 
Age you lost your virginity?: Ask me that when it's happened

Was it good?: Brilliant

How old was the person you lost your virginity to?:: 45

How long was your longest relationship?: 8/9 months

Do you still talk to the person you had your first kiss with?: Nope

Do you stay friends with your exes?: I only really have one, so yeah, I guess so

Think of all your exes. Would you take any of them back?: No.

What would you say if an ex said: What? What did my ex supposedly say?

Do you have more male friends or female?: Female

What are 3 of the first things you notice about the opposite sex:?: Height, hair colour, mouth

This or that:
What would you rather have, a nanny, a housekeeper, a cook, or a chauffeur?: A cook

Would you rather be rich or famous?: Famous

Would you rather sleep with someone else, or alone?: Depends on where I/we would be sleeping

Is the glass half empty or half full?: It's just there

Rock, paper, or scissors?: Rock

Are you a night owl or early to bed person?: Night owl, I'm reckoning. This holiday anyway

Sunrise or sunset?: Sunrise

Hot or cold?: Hot.

Wine or beer?: Neither. Teenage bubbly water

Restaurant or fast food?: Fast food

Pj's or birthday suit?: PJs. Leave something to the imagination

Lace or satin?: .. neither

Strawberries n cream or leather n lace?: To eat, or to wear?!

Tied up or tie them up?: Depends on the person... *snickers*

Country or city?: Both

Ocean or pool?: Ocean.

Hug or kiss?: Both.

Conservative or wild party animal?: Erm, I wouldn't say I was either...

Buttered, plain, or salted popcorn?: Mmm, salted

Chocolate or Flowers?: Neither. Potted plant

Spring or fall?: Spring

Pancakes or french toast?: Pancakes

Have you ever:
Have you ever made out with just a friend?: Yes.

Have you ever been hit on by the same sex?: Yes.

Have you ever broke someone's heart?: ... Not to my knowledge

Have you ever paid more than 100 dollars for a pair of jeans?: Nope

Have you ever flown in a plane?: Yes.

Have you ever been to a casino?: No

Been to Canada?: No.

Been to Mexico?: No

Been to the other side of the world?: ... No. 

Been to jail?: No.

Have you ever fired a gun?: No.

Have you ever hitchhiked?: No.

Have you ever belonged to a gang?: No.

Ever picked up a hitchhiker?: No. 

Have you ever ridden a horse?: Yes.

Have you ever fed a cow?: Yes. *cow love* (in a none dodgy way)

Have you ever done graffiti?: Not really. I've scribbled and written on a few walls, but nothing really

Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight?: No, I don't think so

Have you ever climbed up a tree?: Yes.

Ever had surgery?: Yep. More than once.

Had sex with 2 different people in the same day?: No.

Speak your mind about anything?: Not about everything. Some things.

Ever worn PJs to school/work?: No. 

Touched a snake?: Yah, and held one. I have a picture!

Caught a fish, & ate it?: Had someone else catch it in front of me and then ate it...

Broken a bone?: No.

Been told you were hot by a complete stranger?: Not 'hot' but something to that meaning

Finish the sentence:

My ex...:  is to complex to talk about in a sentence

When I wake up in the morning...: I lie in bed and think for a bit. Or doze off again.

Tomorrow...: I am probably going shopping with my mother again, then maybe seeing a film, and then probably going out in the evening.

I have low tolerance..: for people that are pathetic beyong belief

Parties are...: usually a let down

Life is...: happening

My past is…: still there, and always will be there.

Do you read the newspaper?: When I get chance

Do you think tattoos are cool?: If they're not tacky, then yes

Do you like being on time?: I do, but it doesn't happen all that often...

Do you collect anything?: Travel cards!

For girls* Does size below matter?: I wouldn't know... I'm assuming it has more to do with how you use it...

What is the greatest amount of alcohol you've had in one sitting/outing/evening: Not that much. I have shitty hangovers the next morning if I drink too much.

Would you try to take over the world?: No. Too self conscious.

How is the single life for you?: Uneventful, but pretty good at the same time. Temptation is there and available..

Who’s the last person you stayed up late talking to on the phone?: I don't do that very often, so I can't remember...

The last place you went to on a plane?: Egypt

Do you cry at weddings?: Never been to one, so I wouldn't know.

Are you nice to everyone no matter what their age, race or gender?: I try to be

Do you go hunting (deer, duck, etc.)?: Nope

Do you know the lyrics to more than 50 songs?: Probably, but ask me to sing them and I'm stuffed

Are you too shy to ask someone out?: I wouldn't know how to go about it, but no. 

How many pillows do you sleep with?: One and a half

How many times have you been dumped?: Oh... I'd say it's either once or twice. Or I guess even three times..

How many times have you dumped someone?: Once, or never

What country in the entire world would you most like to visit?: New Zealand. Or Peru. Or India. Or the Arctic. Or...

What did the last text message you received say?: Something to do with starjumps and sweating...

Do you own an iPod?: No.

When did you last attend a party?: No idea. Ages ago probably

When is the next one?: No sodding idea. Don't really care all that much...

Do you have ADD?: No.

Can you sing the National Anthem all the way through?: No, I can't

What is the last movie you saw?: Mean Girls on TV and The Simpsons movie in the cinema

How many times are your ears pierced?:: 5

Would you kill someone if you had to?: Yes. 

Who's the one person you call when life just sucks that day?: I don't usually. I tend to just wallow in it...

What the most romantic night you've ever had?: Erm....

Do you return calls when you say you will?: Yes, most of the time.

Do you take advice when it's given?: I try to. Unless it's crap advice

Do you have anything on your mind right now?: Yes

If you could be doing anything right now what would it be?: Brushing my teeth or riding a rollercoaster