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Fri, May. 30th, 2008, 02:10 pm
Vanilla Sponge

Visions of us drowning
Dancing the tango naked.
Dew flesh on flesh,
Tables and chairs can't be swallowed.
Tangled weeds and killer bees
Onions turn to flowers.
The sponge of my brain
It's hard to tame. 

Dead parrots bite my toes, 
Coffee cups with froth.
It ain't such a bad thing.
Mint and chili shouldn't touch. 
Who would buy it?

Black and white photographs of your dead dog.
Should have been to Orlando.
Cards of the joker,
Ace of clubs orgy. 
Strawberry lace underwear,
Licking my cherry crumble.
Kicking Freud and Dante. 

O German Mother, you've lost a leg
And Jim's half gone with cold. 
Have I not reason to lament, 
Living in a tent,
The mess against the shattered tree,
Where Hodge will forever be?

It's not whale blood
Or blueberry straws,
It's glasses with bottle caps
And tongues with rouge.
Cracking walnuts between thighs. 
Dancing the tango naked.