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Thu, Sep. 27th, 2007, 06:54 pm
Apply and Enjoy

 Our TV is totally broken. It just *broke*. 
I was watching the news about the situation in Burma with the protesters and all of that, and then it just went off, with this massive cracking noise!

 So, that is quite sad. But it does mean that I can do Ms Wilkinshaws homework, and possibly re-read some psych notes which I don't quite understand yet, because it's all horrible and sciency. 

 Anyway- it's cold, but I clipped my hair up today and that looked quite nice, and then I had Mr Gibbs for a cover lesson which was also nice, and *then* I managed to get a recycling bin installed in my Psych classroom.

 Pretty good day. I am being positive. But it wasn't too bad.